Breaking Writing News!

Well, as usual my poor Blog Readers are the last to know what everyone else knew Friday. I have sent out for my 6th book to be Edited and Published. It is called " The Book Of Jacob" and is a sequel to my first book " The Preacher" In the meantime you might want to grab a copy of "The Preacher" to catch up on a story.

Rebel Scum!!!

In this video a clumsy and very hot Storm Trooper gives you the info on a couple of Chris Snider books.

Buster's Book Reviews Volume 35

In this episode Buster reviews the sequel to Tami Hoag's " A Thin Dark Line" called " The Boy"

Possible News

Sorry The Blog has been dead lately, but possible Writing news may be coming soon.....

Why are so many people turned off by Horror?

Whether it be a book signing or a writers conference people definitely have a different look on their face when they get to my table. Their eyes get wide when they see my book covers and 9 times out of 10 they do the fake little shiver then say "Oh, I don't like Horror. I have nightmares" In turn I want to vomit. The question for me is why is scary stuff such a big deal to people? It's like trying to sell to The Cowardly Lion and a thousand of his clones. Okay, you have nightmares. Is that really a big deal? You're telling me you have a nightmare and you're afraid of the dark for 6 months? Heck, sometimes I enjoy a good nightmare, it gives me story material. One scene in my book "Snowy Pines" came from a nightmare. It's like people think they have to read something that's all Unicorns and rainbows to enjoy it. I mean, Life doesn't work that way. This world can be a very bad place and to pretend otherwise is foolish to me. Yes, my books a…

The Reading Cruise!

Chris Snider will be your Cruise Director for 5 exotic Reading Locations!

Buster's Book Reviews Volume 34

Volume 34 of Buster's Book Reviews has him reviewing "Mr.Murder" by Dean Koontz