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Buster's Book Reviews Volume 3

Hello my Ravens. I haven't done a lot of videos recently and I don't know if I'll be doing a Halloween themed video, but just in case I don't I happen to have a video I did last year of Buster's book reviews. It was around Halloween time and he reviewed "The Dark Half" by Stephen King. I hope you enjoy it and have a fun Halloween.

Disturbing ain't I??

I might have been a TAD disturbing in this video, but hey, a horror writer has to do horror........and insanity.......and creepy...........and promotion.....

Horror Sequels

Now I will start this by saying as I have before that this is merely my opinion and is in no way stated as fact, except in my mind. When it comes to most movies, people will say "The original was a lot better." This is especially true for Horror movies since they tend to have a minimum of two or three sequels and in many cases a lot more. I just got through watching Candy man 2: Farewell to flesh and I enjoyed it. Then I went to look at what Wikipedia had to say about the series and learned that many thought the sequel was decent, but kind of sluggish. The comments about Candy Man 3: Day of the dead caught my attention as on 13% of people had a favorable review of it. Now, I watched it before this one and I thought it was a decent movie. I have come to the conclusion that either I just find something to appreciate in anything Horror or my taste in movies sucks. (Perhaps a combination of the two.) But, getting back to my original point, the further you go up into a Horror mov…

My Top Ten favorite Mortal Kombat Characters.

Recently I have been playing a pretend Mortal Kombat tournament with my friends on Facebook and it has inspired this entry. Now before you start cussing me and telling me I have no clue what I'm talking about, note that this is just my favorites and I am in no way saying these are the ten bests. I'll also warn you ahead of time that none of the three stars (At least from the movie stand point are on it.) Sonya is okay, but I just never really cared much for her, Johnny Cage would be my favorite of the three as the cocky smart alec and Liu Kang even though he is supposed to be the master of the game is one of my LEAST favorites. He has just always been so vanilla to me with no flash and yes I know he can turn into a dragon. On to the list!

10- Kenshi: I mainly mean the version from the newest entry, Mortal Kombat X. He isn't quite as serious as his past versions and going by his dialogue he's kind of light hearted and I love his possessed style. Plus both of his new fat…

Daytime infomercial

More advertising by yours truly making my best attempt at being a pitch man. Professionals have nothing to worry about!