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My future works

I did this video letting people know about my 4th book coming out entitled "Artemis." I also tell everyone that my 5th book will be a sequel to "The Preacher" entitled "The Book Of Jacob"........that's pretty much the whole video in a nutshell..........but watch it anyway!

My writing style

In this video I tell my readers and viewers about my discipline in writing........more like the lack there of. I also tell you what my style of writing is and how my ideas come together.

Buster's Book reviews volume 7

It's time for another episode of Buster's book reviews. actually this is volume 7 of 8 and Old Buster is going to have to review some more. Anyway, in this episode he reviews "Northern Lights." by Nora Roberts.


In this video a mysterious stranger is nice enough to walk through my back yard and market my books for me. He also spits a lot when he talks......... Oh well.

My Debate Buddy

I love spending quality time with my pug nosed child and this was her second debut on youtube as she was watching the Republican debate......or or the other.

My top ten pokemon that need mega evolution

I recently did a blog post on my top ten favorite pokemon of all time. In this post I show a video I did on the top ten pokemon I think need to get a mega evolution in Pokemon sun and moon. Everyone else seems to be doing them, so I though, why not? I might as well take a crack at it.

50 youtube subscribers

I finally made it to the milestone of 50 youtube subscribers!..............Hey I know it's not the most impressive channel in the world, but it's not the worst!